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    Cukiernicza Spółdzielnia Inwalidów “Jedność” has been operating on the market since 1949. For years, we have specialized in the production of sweets from the group of: milk and water pomades, powdered lozenges, caramels, dragées, chewing candies and dietary supplements. The production was based on old, proven recipes tailored to the sophisticated tastes of consumers. By using the highest quality raw materials, we strengthen our position on the domestic and foreign market. We work in the integrated quality management system ISO 22000: 2018 We are a Polish company for which Consumers are the most important value. We have the status of a Supported Work Establishment. Strengthening our position on the domestic and foreign markets, we are constantly expanding our product offer. We provide high quality of our candies and interesting flavors that meet the expectations of our customers.



    In 2017. We launched hard candies without wrappers on the market. Thanks to these products, it was possible to restore and restart the Simionato packaging machine The “Migap” caramel molding machine was purchased for the KHP Line. This purchase enriched the number of offered shapes with new ones: raspberries, lemons, flowers and harps. The next year, 2018, brought further investments. A new caramel wrapping machine on the APV line was purchased and launched The years 2016-2019 are investments not only in the machine park. We also managed to refresh the appearance of the entire plant by a general renovation of the reception desk and the entrance to the office building General renovations of production halls and warehouses are carried out continuously. Electric pallet trucks were purchased to facilitate the work of disabled people Successive marketing activities are also carried out to improve the image of our company Exchange and branding of company cars Refreshing the existing and designing new packaging for finished products


    Throughout its history, in our Cooperative, special care was taken for the disabled, and the philosophy of the former Management Boards and Supervisory Boards was focused on employing as many disabled people as possible. The changes introduced in the regulations on financing the employment of disabled people deprived our Cooperative of significant funds in 2004, amounting to approximately PLN 2 million. Another unfavorable phenomenon that affected the Cooperative in 2004 are the prices of basic raw materials, which after joining the European Union, i.e. after May 1, 2004 increased significantly. In the following years, the quality of its products is supported by Jedność with numerous awards: > “Best in Poland” is a distinction received in 2008 from Towarzystwo im. Hipolit Cegielskiego, Głos Wielkopolski, TVP branch in Poznań and radio Merkury o and the right to use the emblem “The Best in Poland THE BEST IN POLAND” for the product of Cukierki Toffi > Certificate Transparent Company awarded in 2008 for the publication of financial statements by Decide with Confidence, in cooperation with factor in bank Forbes and Bisnode. > Silver medal in the sheltered employment category, awarded by the chapter of the Mazovian Regional Stage for special social sensitivity and responsible personnel policy taking into account the needs of people with disabilities > 1st place in the agri-food industry category in the 4th and 5th editions of the competition in 2007 and 2008 Company of the year of the Grójec County > Many thanks and distinctions for the help provided in the form of prizes among others certificate of nomination for the contest DOBROCZYŃCA POWIAT GRÓJECIEGO. In the following years, the company developed sales by establishing cooperation with other wholesalers and retail chains. The milestone turned out to be the start of cooperation in 2012 with Jeronimo Martins Polska. Thanks to increased orders, the production started at full speed, which motivated Jedność to purchase a new Weigher with a Stabilo packer by Innotech, which was used to pack Owocelki-Chewing candies Biedronka’s own brand. In order to improve the efficiency, the packaging line “Małgośka” for automatic weighing and wrapping of 120g packages was created.


    The years 1999 and 2000 were difficult years, especially for Polish confectionery producers, and also for CSI “Jedność”. The eastern market collapsed, which resulted in an increase in the supply of confectionery products on the domestic market. The plant is being modernized and adjusted to product quality and safety certification for compliance with ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP. The actions taken allowed the Cooperative to maintain its position on the confectionery market. Unity is celebrating its 50th, 55th and 60th anniversary. In 2009, the company took part in the EU project Innovative Economy. An idea for new, innovative chewing candies with filling was developed and a decision was made to purchase a new technological line. The project was noticed by PARP and scored very high, scoring the highest number of points. The value of the investment was over PLN 12 million and the subsidy was over PLN 7 million. PLN. In October 2010, the first products from the new KHP line were introduced to the market. These were mint caramels stuffed with Frutix Minti chocolate, as well as sparkling fruit caramels enriched with vitamin C “Frutix Musso”. At the beginning of 2011, the first chewing candies with a fruity liquid filling Frutix Modern were released from the line. Other products were: chocolate-stuffed toffee, Tofiko Gold, Tofiko party, Frutix Grand.


    In 1988, employment reached a record-high level in the history of the Cooperative – 619 people. 1989 is a year of social and political changes. This year, the cooperative is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The new economic situation of the country in 1990 caused great difficulties in all areas of life, there was a complete collapse in the sales of confectionery products in the existing distribution channels – a new form of door-to-door sales was created. These activities made it possible to survive a difficult period for the company. The years 1991-1995 was a period of dynamic sales growth, it was possible thanks to production investments. The company has expanded its machinery to 7 drops machines. We packed powder lozenges in drops of various shapes and sizes. New products were introduced, such as dragees, and work efficiency was improved. In the first quarter of 1993, a Simionato packing machine from Italy was purchased and started up. The almost 100% increase in sales of products influenced the decision to build a finished goods warehouse. In December 1995, a modern high-storage warehouse was put into operation. The progressive regression in the clothing industry resulted in the liquidation of the tailoring and leather-sewing plant, the staff of the closed plant found employment in a confectionery plant. Some photos of our collection from the 90’s have been preserved. In 1995, in order to meet the market demand, a decision was made to purchase a modern, computerized line for the production of caramels using the poured method. It was the only line of this type in Poland and the second in Europe. In 1998 it was put into operation. A “Flow Pack” packaging machine was also purchased for the line. The products produced with this line resulted in a significant increase in sales and improvement of the company’s condition as well as its further development and modernization.


    In 1980, a new activity was launched, consisting in packaging imported goods, mainly tea. In 1985, a new milk lipsticks plant with a high degree of mechanization of production processes was launched.


    The Confectionery Production

    Plant was launched. A food plant was launched, which produced strawberry and currant pulp for export. In the same year, further points of sale were launched – their number increased to 22. In 1959, the company employed 139 people, including 120 disabled people. The year 1966 was marked by further development. Fruit and vegetable production for export prospered well. A beer bottling plant and a carbonated water production plant were launched. The Lipstick Plant was also launched. Employment increased to 265 people. In 1968 the Cooperative was included in the group of Cooperatives exporting their products.

    21 August 1949 r.

    The official date of the creation of “Unity”. The founding general meeting was held on that day. The first organized workshop was a basketry workshop where wicker products were made. At the turn of 1949-1950, a shoemaker’s and tailor’s workshop was established. In 1952, the Cooperative employed 75 people, including 75% of the disabled. In 1953, commercial activities were launched, opening two grocery stores. Employment increased to 98 people. The year 1959 was marked by further development